WildStar Video Game

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genre: MMO

developer: Carbine Studios

publisher: NCsoft

platform: PC


Planet Nexus awaits!

Wildstar is the first work of Carbine Studios. It was released by an industry veteran however, an MMO company called NCsoft, known for the series of Lineage and Guild Wars.
The game is set on the planet Nexus, once inhabited by an ancient race, Eldan. Currently, it is being explored by representatives of many nations. Everyone is trying to discover the cause of the mysterious disappearance of the original inhabitants of the planet.
At the first glance, Wildstar is no different from the other games of the genre. The main source of inspiration was, of course, World of Warcraft, because many workers of Carbine Studios previously worked on the Blizzard’s MMO. In the game, however, some pretty original solutions were used. The innovative character development system that allows you to run the game to your liking is particularly noteworthy. In addition to the selection of race and class, the player must one of the paths of specialization. There are four roads – fight, collecting, construction, and exploration. Development of the representatives of the different paths depends on actions taken by the player. For example, warriors are rewarded for defeating enemies, and those who chose exploration receive experience for exploring the world and discovering new lands. Thanks to this solution, the game does not favor any play style. In addition, the gameplay is varied by randomly generated challenges that allow you to get additional perks for your character.
Some changes were also introduced in the combat system. It is still about marking the opponent and pressing the buttons responsible for given abilities, but introduction of such possibilities as avoiding the incoming blows (e.g. jump to the side) made the player’s skills much more important to the outcome of a fight.
Graphic design resembles that of the aforementioned WoW, but the developers gave it a little comic-like look. A large, open world, consisting of several different lands was designed for the game. Its area are quite substantial in size, so nobody should be too tight.

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I believed zones in tor are utterly uninspired voids for adventure

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But I spent most of today trying to introduce Wildstar to my boyfriend, And it reminded me of all reasons why I was not impressed with the game the first time I saw it in beta. BF and I are both original MMO players, Proficient raiders, Etc etc WS is right up our alley and he motivated to play with me and a couple of our guildies who decided to pick up the game in the previous couple of days. He also a much bigger fan of game lore and really that reading shit than I am; I know he adore the hand once he gets to level 20 or so.

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