MMOBOMB … shell? DCUO new update on-line

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She found the hut she’d tracked Ikiss to, the one with the small scrolls dangling from the entrance. She watched for any sign of Outcasts. When she saw none, she moved inside the dilapidated dwelling.

The first episode of the monthly DC Universe Online is now live, bringing two new chunk of content to dawn superhero online game company.

As we detailed last month, updated 15 brought an eight-person operation, blockbuster paradox, the most representative female reimagining of World War II heroes and villains of DC modeled, and two adventure, damage Zamaron, Light battle continues the story. In the new style, indigo tribes and electric power construction, the two sides will be dressed heroes and villains, including senior creative director Jens Anderson described as “unity across sectarian lines in the first step of all styles.”

You can read Andersen’s letter describes the new content DCUO website. Update 15 is free member, just $ 4 to non-members.

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Right now WildStar’s free-to-play update is deep into closed beta testing, with one of the hottest new features being the game’s upcoming cash shop. To get players to fiddle around with the store, Carbine is giving away free currency for the purposes of testing only.

According to an explanation on the forums, the patch will be tested in two phases. In the current phase, the studio is giving WildStar testers a bundle of store currency every week with the expectation that all currency and purchases will be wiped. In the second phase, players will only be able to obtain test currency by purchasing the real equivilent. So if a player buys 400 coins to use when F2P hits, he or she will get a matching 400 coins of test-only currency to use in the patch beta.

Carbine declined to reveal when the second phase of the closed beta is scheduled. To participate in the patch closed beta, you will need to be an active WildStar subscriber.


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World of Warcraft patched as Blizzard Entertainment tries to reverse declining subscriptions

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Blizzard Entertainment released a huge patch on Tuesday for its hit game World of Warcraft, as part of an effort to turn around a significant drop in subscribers. As we reported earlier this month, player numbers dropped from 11.1 million to 10.3 million in the third quarter of 2011, and parent company Activision Blizzard must surely now be looking over its shoulder at the upcoming big budget rival Star Wars: The Old Republic.

A fourth expansion to World of Warcraft, entitled Mists of Pandaria, was unveiled at Blizzcon in October, and marked the start of a push to reverse the declining user base of the hit massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This patch is the latest move in a public relations drive that has also seen a new series of TV ads, starring kung-fu legend Chuck Norris, debuting on prime-time TV. Mike Morhaime, head of Blizzard, said during the last earnings call that Blizzard would make bigger efforts to keep the subscriber base high, and these latest efforts all seem to be part of that promise.

In addition to pressure from within, World of Warcraft could potentially lose more subscribers after Dec. 20 when Electronic Arts’ massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, launches. Never one to mince his words, Activision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick dismissed this thought, casting doubts on whether the publisher EA will even turn a profit on its upcoming game.

“Lucas is going to be the principal beneficiary of the success of Star Wars,” Kotick told Reuters, referring to Star Wars creator George Lucas, who has licensing rights to the game. “We’ve been in business with Lucas for a long time, and the economics will always accrue to the benefit of Lucas, so I don’t really understand how the economics work for Electronic Arts.”

The contents of World of Warcraft patch 4.3, which releases today, and is available to all players, is as follows:

Raid Finder – Players can quickly and easily form a raid for a specifically tuned version of the Dragon Soul raid; works much like the Dungeon Finder feature
Dragon Soul – The most epic 10- and 25-person raid encounter Blizzard has ever designed
Transmogrification – Customize the appearance of your weapons and armor
Three new 5-person dungeons – Continue the storyline of Thrall and Deathwing as players embark on all-new adventures in End Time, Well of Eternity, and Hour of Twilight
Void Storage – Players of all levels can now open up 80 slots of long-term storage space
Fangs of the Father – Legendary rogue quest line
The all-new Darkmoon Faire – Darkmoon Faire has been completely redesigned and offers all-new games and rewards for players to experience

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China’s Perfect World game operator to invest $100M in venture capital fund

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China’s Perfect World is an online game similar to World of WarcraftPerfect World, one of the largest online game operators in China and east Asia, announced today that it will invest $100 million in a venture capital fund.

The company will join the unnamed fund as a limited partner to invest in technology, media and telecommunications companies. That could include companies similar to social game developer Zynga, which has built a reportedly robust business from virtual goods sales and casual games and is preparing for an initial public offering to raise up to $1 billion. Those games use a “freemium” model, which let users play games free and charge for premium features.

Perfect World began releasing freemium games powered by virtual goods sales after its first game launch, the eponymous Perfect World massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in 2006. The company expanded to other Asian countries, Europe, Russia, Brazil and eventually the United States — though that market is largely dominated by Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, a subscription-based game with 11.1 million users.

Perfect World’s games, which are closer to World of Warcraft than Farmville, have booster packs that help players become more powerful faster for sale.

Perfect World has launched 12 games altogether, with most carrying at least one “expansion pack” that the company retails as a new game with additional content. Several games in Perfect World’s portfolio containing more than three such packages. The company’s eleventh MMORPG, Empire of the Immortals, came out in March this year. The company’s games are typically based on traditional Chinese mythology.

The company brought in $326 million in revenue last year with $9.4 million of that coming from in-game currency purchased but not used by players of various games. Perfect World made $125 million in profit from that revenue.

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Gotten Gains Part 1 Set To Introduce New Content To Grand Theft Auto Online

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Rockstar Games have an exciting Summer planned for the Grand Theft Auto Online community as today they announced the upcoming release of the first part of a 2 series Ill-Gotten Gains update that promises to introduce a wealth of new options for players with a bulging bank account.

The first of the two major deliveries for the Summer period will be hitting the showrooms of Los Santos next week with updates introducing new cars, improvements to the arms available in Ammu-Nation and some exciting new customization options for your most impressive rides.

The new Enus Windsor will receive a host of new update options with 8 vehicle wraps inspired by the great Rockford Hills while new aerial transport makes its debut in the form of the solid gold Buckingham Swift Deluxe. Accompanying the new vehicular and customization options is a new addition to the arsenal of GTA Online with the Combat PDW and a host of new clothing options to better equip your character for the challenges of combat.


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Lets Get Married

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There’s nothing more romantic than proposing to someone in a bathroom, on the first date, while they’re dressed in a hotdog costume.. or is there?

My legacy family is coming along. Jessica Little met up with Alfonzo for a date and they fell madly in love. Jessica decided not to waste any time, and proposed on the spot. Turns out that Alfonzo is an elder, and quite a few days into it already. That bodes well for Jessica, but it does mean they had to start their family as soon as possible in order to continue the legacy. Little Emily was born – and I’m glad it was just one kid instead of a handful.

When they got married Alfonzo came with $20,000 which I used to upgrade the house to an actual home and not just a room with a toilet. They still have to hunt for plants and statues to sell for extra cash as they don’t pull in nearly enough right now to be comfortable, but I am sure that will come with time.

Jessica is taking some time off work right now, but she has aspirations to become a writer. Alfonzo decided to reboot his career and he’s in the IT department, though he doesn’t know anything about what he’s doing.

This was also a week of announcements, as EA finally announced swimming pools coming in November. I’m really looking forward to that. They also included a bunch of halloween features, like ghosts and spooky radio stations. Best of all the content is all free. Who doesn’t like free things!

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