The New Updates about Diablo 3 Repear of Souls

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As the news come from Grimiku, the community manager for the game’s official forums, Blizzard entertainment will remove permanent crowd control from diablo 3 Repear of souls in the future. We will update more details for you. And if you need to buy diablo 3 items, don’t forget to check on our website.

Grimiku mentioned how the goal of Diablo 3 Greater Rifts is to serve as a form of measuring stick for a character’s growth wherein scaling damage is a very important element in a character’s ability to function. As such, the team is currently looking at options for possible adjustments to how the damage scales in the future.
In order to address the trend of zDPS builds that have been flooding the higher levels of Greater Rifts play, Blizzard is looking at disabling permanent Crowd Control in an upcoming content patch to create more interaction with monsters at higher Greater Rifts levels. And in order to promote balanced play, Blizzard will also re-evaluate how much damage monsters are dealing to players, in order to provide a more consistent Greater Rift experience whilst making sure that defensive Legendary items still matter.
The Greater Rifts area was introduced to Diablo 3 during a patch update in August 2014. It provides players time challenges to complete a level and defeat Rift Guardians. Defeating guardians thereby provides access to higher levels of Greater Rift play, with the potential for greater rewards and higher rankings on the game’s leaderboards.
Blizzard may have revealed the changes which makes sense on paper, but it may be a little bit different during actual gameplay. Some classes such as the Crusaders and Witches deals less damage when compared to the others, at the same level of survivability, so game developers will need to find a way to resolve this, along with other issues such as players getting one-shotted in Diablo’s Greater Rift levels over 50.
For more details can also check on the official site. By the way, if you want to get some diablo 3 items, our site definitely will be the best choice for you.

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You should take benefit with the proven in Diablo 3

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You should take benefit with the proven in Diablo 3 that the Bounty completion experience point bonus scales with degree by partially completing as quite a few Bounties as possible, after which waiting to finish them or flip them in until finally the finish. For all of these duties, have your power leveling teleport to you. The power leveling will follow at a secure distance, just off display. Start by killing every one of the Boss Bounties in every single Act. They are the hardest at upscale amounts and don’t give a great deal of experience point T by themselves.

Partially complete all the Clear Degree X bounties, leaving about 5 enemies remaining, ideally non-elites. We have Diablo 3 gold for sale and offer different methods of payment. Partially finish all Kill X Target bounties, leaving the named mob or ~5 enemies remaining.

If there are actually any occasion bounties which can be partially completed–events wherever you would like to talk to an NPC soon after killing enemies to officially clear the event–do these, but do not flip them in just yet. If you feel hard to level up you can buy Diablo 3 gold for help. Assist Ironsmith Maldonado, Stranger in Have to have, Crazy Climber, Matriarch’s Bones, Jar of Souls, Miser’s Will are some, but not all examples.

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Buff Icons and Interface Issues

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There are a lot of cool new legendary items coming in Patch 2.2.0, and one thing we’ve noticed while testing them on the PTR is… many of them have a buff icon that shows over the belt interface. Such buff icons are a useful visual clue, but 1) they’re really small to derive info from out of the corner of your eye, and 2) not enough can show at once.

The “too-small to see clearly” issue is coming up with the Blizzcon Elemental Ring, since its belt icon shows which element is currently getting the ~200% buff, and that’s something a player needs to know so they can synchronize the appropriate elemental attack. It looks clear in the thumbnail there, but when it’s just another tiny box near your belt and game visuals are flying…
I like the idea of the elemental ring, but the animation is lacking. To figure out which element is active, I have to look away from the action of the battle I’m in and down to the small box. The color palette of the elements is subtle and not distinct. Playing DH, the only one I could easily recognize was fire, because the red stands out. But still, to do that, I’m paying attention to the little box and not the battle I’m in.
Tyvalir: I really like that this points out a case where, simply because of how the user interface is set up, the icon can become more of a hindrance than a help, or ends up pulling you out of your gameplay too frequently (i.e. beyond just checking it really quickly). Definitely passing this on. Great feedback, Phaelanx!
The other issue is inadequate display space for all the buffs your character is enjoying, and that’s a complaint that’s heard more and more often. It was an issue back in 2012 when only five icons could show, but thankfully the space/number was increased before Reaper of Souls. It’s become inadequate again as more and more cool legendary items add their own buff icons.

Buff bar needs size-buff like second row or something.
Tyvalir: There are a lot of items or skills right now that have buff or cooldown icons. When players have lots of different icons stacking up or disappearing from the bottom of the screen, it can result in visual clutter that may make it more difficult to interpret what you’re seeing at a glance.
That said, we’re currently reviewing how we display buffs and cooldowns, and looking for ways to ensure this information remains easy to access and interpret quickly, so you can stay focused on the game.

I think they could streamline by showing the long term buffs somewhere else. On top of the screen where the pet profiles go, maybe. If I’m playing my Monk in Inna’s set, I don’t need all 4 aura icons showing on the belt… forever. (As Muggs suggested on the podcast, how about one icon that showed all four auras at once, maybe each one in a corner.)
In the case of Inna’s or other full time buffs from your own character’s gear, there’s no need to show them on the belt. I know what my own equipment is giving me. What I need to see on the belt interface are the short term buffs and debuffs, so I know what’s impacting me for the next 3 or 5 seconds. It’s worse in multiplayer games with shared buffs, and not uncommonly players literally do not know what Shrine or Pylon effect they just gained, since there’s nowhere for the icon to display.

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One life to live: Stable’s full

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In nearly three years of Diablo 3, I’ve logged far more hours than I’d care to admit. I’ve killed more monsters than I can count, and tandem just as may characters. Except I can count those, and the number only goes to ten.

Now I’ve killed more than ten, but all I can archive is that. Which has left me with a sad dilemma. Over half of my hall is level 60 characters from pre-expansion.I could delete them and pave a way for freshly killed 70’s, but what would I lose in doing so?

A poorly geared Witch doctor that ventured into the bowels of Torment only to find himself quickly overwhelmed in the first act. His successor(even more poorly geared)that took on Belial a little too quickly in a rush for vengeance on Torment. The Witch doctor who lived through it all the way to paragon 100. The monk who made it to paragon 80 only to have his life shortened by the monster he couldn’t kill:lag.

The list could go on, but each one is a memory and hard to part with. With seasons now in swing, I’ve found myself making more characters and racking up more deaths.Which in turn has helped push my Hall of heroes to its capacity and then some. Now that I’ve hit the cap I’ve been stockpiling ghosts in my regular character creation queue. This in turn prevents me from enshrining their accomplishments as I had with each character that preceded it. I Hope that as time passes I’ll feel more capable of hitting delete, but until that happens I’ve still got two character slots left for safekeeping.

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Blizzard on the Item Set Changes Debate

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Lots of Blue posts and tweets shedding light on the changes coming to Item Sets. First up, a series of big Blue posts about which slots the new set pieces will occupy, and how the current sets are changing were added to the original Focused Feedback thread. Blizzard on the Item Set Changes Debate:

There’s a few changes coming down the pipeline for the next PTR patch that we thought you should know in case you would like to take it into account when providing your feedback:
The following sets will be gaining a 7th piece of the set to make acquiring the 6-piece bonuses comparable to newer sets that don’t include weapons or jewelry slots. This is in addition to the pieces that have already been added in 2.2.0.

There’s a number of other changes coming to various sets and legendaries that are meant as complimentary to sets, but I want to avoid this post getting too patch-note-esque. We’ll be thoroughly updating the PTR Patch Notes when the next patch comes around, so please check them out once they’re available!

Those changes are on top of the sixth pieces most of those sets had added in the last PTR patch, so all of those sets now have 7 items, of which you must wear 2, 4, or 6 (in most cases) to get the special bonuses. (Or one less if you’ve got a RoRG.)

Additional Blue posts explained why shoulders were not the new slot, and why they want gearing complexity and trade offs. Click through for those, plus a number of additional explanation Tweets from the dev team. And some heated Demon Hunter debate, since I think their current direction with the Unhallowed Essence set is making it irrelevant and a big waste of potential.

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5 Reasons to Play Path of Exile Over Diablo 3

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Diablo 2 was and still is regarded by many to be the epitome of the action RPG genre. Players would spend hundreds, maybe thousands of hours running through the game’s content in an effort to maximize their character’s power by obtaining better gear and higher levels. With the announcement of Diablo 3, the fans rejoiced. Finally, after all these years, the franchise they enjoyed so immensely would evolve to meet the standards of modern technology. However, as screenshots were revealed, there was instant backlash. Fans of the dark and gritty atmosphere the first two games were revolted by the brighter, more colorful tone used in this latest iteration. An understandable frustration, sure, but graphics don’t make the game. Unfortunately, the mechanics of D3 also leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately for these disgruntled fans, there exist alternatives.

Grinding Gear Games, an independent development team based in Sweden, have developed an online action RPG game all their own called Path of Exile, and it delivers in spades where Blizzard’s latest installment fails. Following are five reasons why Path of Exile should be the definitive choice for any serious fan of the genre.

Everybody likes saving money, so PoE has an obvious advantage over D3 in that is it completely free to enjoy, while the latter costs 60 dollars. Admittedly, the phrase “free to play” carries with it negative connotations, especially in the realm of online gaming. The majority of free online games feature a cash shop wherein players can instantly gear up their character with top of the line weapons and armor, granting them an immediate advantage over players who are either unwilling or unable to spend real world money on virtual goods.

This is a not a concern in PoE though, as players cannot directly purchase top of the line gear with real money. Granted, they can still purchase items directly from other players via a number of auction sites, but these don’t have nearly as devastating of an impact on the game’s economy, especially compared to D3’s built in real money auction house. GGG still needs the game to be profitable though, so they offer ethical micro transactions, including glowing weapon effects, skins, extra item storage space, and pets that serve no function other than to look cute. By offering perks that don’t directly affect a character’s strength, GGG are able to keep the game running without creating an unstable economy unfit for non paying players.

2. Path of Exile Features In Depth Character Customization

Perhaps the most crippling flaw in Diablo 3 is how shallow and repetitive the gameplay feels after a few runs through. In its predecessor, players were able to choose their own path along the skill tree, creating a unique gameplay experience tailored to their tastes. In the latest edition, skills are unlocked in a linear fashion as the character levels up. There are a handful of skills for each class, each with a number of “runes” or variations to be selected from. This system offers some customization, but quickly grows stale as there is a lack of synergy between them, and certain skills are significantly better than others, making them the obvious choice. This leads to a homogenization of builds and begs the question: “What’s the point?” In online games such as these, players grow attached to their characters and enjoy expressing themselves with their own unique builds, but when everyone is virtually identical, that feeling is lost.

Path of Exile, on the other hand, features extraordinarily in depth character customization. For starters, it has an enormous passive skill tree. With its many intersections, twists, and turns, players can branch out in any direction they desire. Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Deulist, Marauder, and Templar make up the game’s current class list, with the only difference between them being their starting stats and location on the skill tree. Witches, for example, are designed to rely almost exclusively on the intelligence stat, so their area of the tree is full or nodes that increase INT and improve skills that rely on this stat. Rangers are purely DEXterity, and Marauders purely STRength, with the Shadow, Deulist, and Templar each being a hybrid of two stats. However, there is nothing to stop a player from starting as a Witch then making their way over to the Marauder’s side of the tree to become proficient with two handed melee weapons instead of being a traditional magic user.

The customization goes even further with active skills, which are present in the form of gems, which are socketed into weapons and armor. While wearing a piece of armor with a gem in it, the player gains access to that skill, and can level it up by defeating mobs of monsters. Items can have anywhere from four to six sockets, which can be linked together. Instead of granting the player a new ability, support gems serve to improve existing abilities. For example, the Double Strike skill gem will hit an enemy twice with the character’s main hand weapon. If it is linked with a socket containing the support gem called Blind, then Double Strike will have a chance to blind the enemy on hit. With dozens of skill gems and a maximum of six links in a single piece of gear, players are able to create a truly unique character.

3. There is No Gold in Path of Exile

People play this genre of game primarily to kill increasingly difficult monsters for loot which will improve their character, allowing them to kill even stronger monsters. As such, an economy forms, with players buying, selling, and trading the items they don’t need for the ones they do. Gold, like real world money, serves to facilitate these transactions, and its initial worth is generally determined by the cost of potions or other gear sold by the game’s Non Playable Characters, with players deriving the value of everything else from there. However, when a particular item is deemed to be worth, say, a billion gold, it’s hard to know where that value comes from.

In Path of Exile, there is no gold. Instead, the economy functions on a barter system. There are various “currencies” to be found in the world of Wraeclast, each with a practical use. An Alteration Orb, for example, is used to reforge a magic tier item with new, random properties. Chaos Orbs do the same for rare items, and are valued at around eighteen Alterations. Exalted orbs are one of the most valuable currencies, adding a new random property to rare items, and are worth approximately forty Chaos Orbs. There are over a dozen different currencies throughout the game. The exchange rates are determined by the players and are therefore constantly fluctuating. Unlike gold in Diablo 3, these currencies are inherently valuable based on drop rates and function in crafting items. For these reasons, the economy is protected to a greater degree against inflation, particularly from automated bots that do nothing but collect gold all day. Sure, there are bots in PoE, temporarily increasing the amount of currency in circulation, but these currency items are constantly being used for crafting, which serves to mitigate the influx from bots. Diablo 3 is flooded with bots, and the value of gold has plummeted as a result.

4. Path of Exile offers Diverse Gameplay Experiences in the Form of Leagues

The Standard league in Path of Exile can be played regularly, or on Hardcore. In Diablo 3, when a Hardcore character is killed, it is permanently deleted. In PoE however, it is instead moved to the standard or “softcore” difficulty. This serves to lessen the sense of loss the player experiences after a death, and may keep them playing the game instead of quitting out of frustration. In addition to Hardcore mode, the developers have been known to set up temporary leagues to keep the game interesting. Currently, the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues are underway, and will end four months from their opening. In Anarchy, players will encounter rogue exiles throughout Wraeclast. These challenging computer controlled characters behave as a player would, and drop a sizable pile of loot if defeated. In the Onslaught League, all monsters are granted increased attack and move speed, creating a truly challenging experience for those looking for an even greater challenge.

The downside of having multiple leagues is that players in one aren’t able to play with those in hardcore. In Race Events however, players are given anywhere from an hour to a week to create a character from scratch and gain as man levels as possible. These exist separate from leagues, giving players a chance to interact with the rest of the community.

5. The Path of Exile Developers Listen to Player Feedback

The developers at Grinding Gear Games aren’t just developers; they’re also gamers. They have an intense love for the game they’re making, and are always looking for ways to make it a better experience for the player. It could be argued that Blizzard also listens to feedback for Diablo, but it’s often indirectly and to a lesser extent. Maybe they’re more focused on making money or maybe D3’s player base is just too large to effectively listen to everybody. Whatever the case, players can rest assured that their opinions on PoE will, at the very least, be heard. The lead developers often comment in forum threads and on the PoE reddit community, letting players know their concerns have been heard. This close relationship between player and developer means that any bugs that arise will immediately be fixed, but it extends beyond that as well. Many players had expressed frustration with the ten and fifteen percent experience penalties upon death in the cruel and merciless difficulties, and they’ve recently been lowered to seven and ten percent, respectively. It’s rich narrative and theatrical cut scenes are a treat, but there’s no denying the sheer number of disappointed fans that grew tired and eventually quit the game, citing shallow gameplay as one of their main gripes. Those looking to foray into the action RPG genre of gaming are urged to consider alternatives before putting their money down on something they may quickly lose interest in, and Path of Exile is certainly a very viable alternative.

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