Truly mobile RTS? – Steel Dawn to issue global Tomorrow

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The snow had picked up and was coming down hard and heavy now. He could barely see three feet in front of him. He shut out the pain, craning his neck, trying to find,Invincible. His eye was drawn to movement and the widening pool of crimson that melted the snow, that steamed in the cold.

If you are a science fiction and RTS fans, you should not miss this one – steel dawn. It is a colorful game giant walking robot, blow up things. How can you not feel excited? You will find that it is very easy, once you try this game addictive. The game will be free-to-play, will be the global launch tomorrow, September 24, 2015.

Steel Dawn is a deep tactical strategy games iOS devices. Maybe you do not know its developers, but you must have seen 2 listed above play a game is called Appsotre and Google charts Royal uprising. Yes, they have developed Flaregames. Steel Dawn will not disappoint you.

Games are divided into building and attack defense base boom beach mode, but also out of the base to attack others. However, the most important thing is, this is a game where you have to control a team bidpedal robot, you can command in combat, target coverage and the ability to use to help take down your enemies. This is a cool combination.

The player is placed in a large-scale battle commander who controls the Pacers called rigs, role in the galaxy’s most advanced weaponry of a squadron. There is also a defensive elements of the game, for the players responsible for the establishment of the fort through armed to the teeth to strengthen its holdings of fixed arms.

However, it may initially appear more complex than it was in the steel construction dawn; strategic players will want to use them when it comes to their defense capability. (For example, when you create a line of sight with arms overlapping lines.) Commander will have to adjust its influence in the auxiliary equipment, building to maximize its defensive potential, and through the use of building unit spawning automatically launch a counterattack. According to the development team, which makes the infrastructure, provide in-depth deeper mobile platform. In addition, steel dawn direct touch control scheme, is said to allow players to feel the power of mechanization, they are in control.

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Tank preparing to invade the world of PlayStation 4

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World of WarCraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King swordplay. Arthas found both methods valid, although he was beginning to wonder if he’d ever have the chance to use what he had learned in a true battle.

TJ Wagner, the team responsible for the PlayStation 4 tanks in the world a member, announced today that they are very excited to show that the action-packed 30 player MMO fighting will go on PlayStation 4.

I would like to personally invite you to join the world community tanks. We value our players and work to bring a constant flow of new content, and a month for you to explore and play. I can not wait to see in the PlayStation community brought their games and ideas. I would also like to invite you to become a part of the beta in the months ahead, helping us to adjust and put the finishing touches before the game is released. This will occur before the end of the year, you will get a special reward beta participation.
Again, I can not tell you we are pleased to make your tank in the world to a whole new audience.
TJ Wagner, project manager in war games

From the free-to-play war games hit, attracting a large audience in the PC and Xbox, and communities around the impressive electronic games. PlayStation 4 players can look forward to the pilots from seven different countries, more than 350 tanks identified 5 different categories to suit every style of game players.

World of Tanks will include a custom map, custom tanks and customize the appearance of PlayStation 4 players at launch. Interested parties can register for the closed beta here.

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DRAKENSANG ONLINE details of the upcoming player skill system changes

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“Ah, you were the one following him,” Reshad replied. The casual, almost mocking tone in his voice grated on Viryx. “What makes you think I would give the scroll to you?”

In August, Drakensang Online will get its biggest update date Bigpoint released “Rise of Balor” Updating to play free games. While the new content is always a welcome addition to our favorite game, Drakensang Online will take things a little further, when they launched a comprehensive transformation of the players skills and mastery of all four games category.

Recently, the developer took to twitch to show off some of the changes you Drakensang players there.

Heart Drakensang Online Role skill system has been extensively revised and transformed into the skills and talent to master the system, all four characters. There are three talent trees (experience, wisdom, FAME), but they have been re-designed from the ground up. Each class has a new skill, the most powerful one, so far provide:

Dragon Knight: Crazy Scream
Spellweaver: Frozen Orb
Steam Mechanicus: Tesla turret
Ranger: Explosive Shot
In terms of the content of things, expand the “Balor Rise” presents the highest level of 50 45, and adds 150 new quests Drakensang Online.

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MMOBOMB … shell? DCUO new update on-line

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She found the hut she’d tracked Ikiss to, the one with the small scrolls dangling from the entrance. She watched for any sign of Outcasts. When she saw none, she moved inside the dilapidated dwelling.

The first episode of the monthly DC Universe Online is now live, bringing two new chunk of content to dawn superhero online game company.

As we detailed last month, updated 15 brought an eight-person operation, blockbuster paradox, the most representative female reimagining of World War II heroes and villains of DC modeled, and two adventure, damage Zamaron, Light battle continues the story. In the new style, indigo tribes and electric power construction, the two sides will be dressed heroes and villains, including senior creative director Jens Anderson described as “unity across sectarian lines in the first step of all styles.”

You can read Andersen’s letter describes the new content DCUO website. Update 15 is free member, just $ 4 to non-members.

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Top Five Settings Used in MMOs

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They say that travel broadens the mind. In the case of mmo games, the minds of players and characters should be incredibly broad as adventures are found in a wide diversity of settings. One of the more potent lures of online games is being able to explore and travel through a world that is far different from our own. While there are many different worlds that players can venture into, there are some common settings that are regularly used in mmo games that should be quite familiar to the average gamer. Let’s lace up our hiking boots as we examine the top five settings used in mmos.

The first item on our list of the top five mmo settings is the underground. There’s something quite primal about venturing into the dark depths of the earth, travelling through caverns and coming across hidden marvels, even a lost race perhaps. Many mmos feature underground adventures, and we should not forget that the typical mmo Dwarf comes from this perpetually dark realm. Most online games feature quests that take place in majestic caves or lost catacombs. My personal favorite underground location in online gaming is the Underdark in Dungeons and Dragons Online, where the fearsome Drow rule supreme.

Dungeons and Dragons Online Underdark

Next on our top five mmo settings list is the aquatic realm. In older games, the world of water was either an impenetrable barrier or a cause of certain death due to drowning. Now mmorpg games utilize the aquatic realm as another source of high adventure. Many games have released expansions that feature the underwater depths, with some more recent examples being RIFT and Perfect World International. There can be hidden dangers in the deep blue sea, but also some great rewards. I’ve always enjoyed how Guild Wars 2 seamlessly allows players to venture down into the watery depths. Still, I do find that a good number of gamers do tend to shy away from water. Perhaps it’s that danger can come at you from all sides (such as above and below), which is not the case on dry land.

The idyllic woodland is our next choice in our top five mmo settings. Every gamer has ventured through the deep forest in search of glory and completing quests. If there elves found in the mmorpg, chances are that there will be plenty of forests to run around in. Heck, if you start out as a Night Elf in World of Warcraft, you’ll be seeing forests for quite some time as you begin your adventuring career. While the dangers found in most mmo forests are of the natural variety (bears, wolves, and boars, oh my!), there are also desperate bandits and, naturally, monsters. From giant spiders in Lord of the Rings Online to dryads in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Not to mention that other fey races (pixies and such) are normally found in the sun-dappled glades of the deep forest.

Our forth entry on our list of the top five mmo settings is the final frontier: space. Needless to say, this is the default setting for any sci-fi mmo, but it can appear in other mmos as well, notably superhero-themed games. Gamers travel through the inky blackness of space to find and explore new planets. Players can build virtual empires of political alliances that span vast swathes of territory in games like EVE Online or just go boldly where no one has gone before in Star Trek Online. While space provides a tremendous opportunity for exploration, it also provides a great setting for some spaceship combat. From Elite: Dangerous to EVE Online, space can be quite deadly for the unwary or the unarmed. Just remember that in space, no one can hear you scream.

EVE Online spaceship

The last entry on our top five mmo settings list is the most common setting of all: the dungeon. What would mmo games be without the humble dungeon? The dungeon has served as the cornerstone of online gaming since mmos first started, and their dominance existed before that in pen-and-paper roleplaying games. The most influential tabletop rpg of all time (that started the entire roleplaying hobby) even has dungeons in its title. Of course, I’m talking about the venerable Dungeons and Dragons. Practically every raid in online gaming takes place in a dungeon. Millions of gamers go on a dungeon run on a daily basis to accumulate loot and gear. Whether they’re filled with undead, ors, cultists, or some other evil monsters, dungeons are a cornerstone of gaming, and I would rank them as the number one mmo setting.

There you have it, my friends, our list of the top five mmo settings. Every online gamer worth their salt has spent countless hours adventuring in each of these settings (with the possible exception of space if a gamer limits their playing to fantasy mmos). There are other settings that spring to mind, such as an urban setting or hellish dimensions, but I felt that our list of the underground, the aquatic realm, forests, space, and dungeons are the most common mmo settings that players encounter on a regular basis. While most of these settings are accessible to us in real life, they’re not quite filled with the same dangers and rewards that are found in online games. When I venture into the woods, I only come across a geo-cache and perhaps a snake as opposed to a tribe of orcs that have a large pile of gold and some helpless villagers to be rescued.

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Should MMO Companies Concentrate on a Single Game?

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World of WarcraftA lot of game companies are synonymous with a particular mmo game. Blizzard will always be tied to World of Warcraft, and Jagex will forever be linked with RuneScape. Some companies juggle multiple titles to varying degrees of success whilst other companies focus all of their attention upon a single game. There are concrete and legitimate reasons for either action. The question that we ask today is: should mmo companies concentrate upon a single game?

Paladins champion

The thought of a company focusing on a single mmo popped into my head when I read that Hi-Rez Studios recently surprised gamers and industry pundits alike with the announcement of Paladins, their upcoming mmofps. What struck me was that they had quietly worked on the game for over a year, and, in that time, SMITE has rocketed in popularity. I know that Hi-Rez Studios also has Global Agenda in their roster, but that particular mmofps had been put on the backburner as the company poured their resources into SMITE over the last couple of years. One would think that they would continue to focus on SMITE as eSports and moba games continue to massively surge in popularity every single year.

There are both pros and cons for companies concentrating on a single mmo. The main pro is that the game benefits from having all the company’s resources poured into it. We do know that a single game company can be wildly successful. The proof of that is Riot Games and their League of Legends. While some may smirk and say that the company should be called Riot Game, nobody is laughing as the moba is generating a billion dollars in revenue. Such massive success is hard to argue with, but one could counter that Riot Games is a one-trick pony. (But, oh, what a pony it is!) Believe me, there are a horde of game companies that would gladly be a one-trick pony like Riot Games.

The drawback to focusing upon a single mmo is what happens if the game fails? There’s something to be said for not putting all your eggs in one basket. Just like the stock market, it’s always prudent to diversify your portfolio. If a game company puts all their hopes on a single mmo, and that mmo fails, then it’s bad news for the company. Blizzard has taken the pragmatic approach as World of Warcraft has had its subscriber numbers drop over the years by developing and releasing other games. Titles like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone have added nicely to the company’s bottom line. In particular, Hearthstone is generating a cool $20 million a month in revenue, and that number is likely to go up over time.

Hearthstone artwork

Some could argue that working on multiple games could dilute the overall product as talent and resources are stretched thin. This is a valid concern, and steps would have to be taken to ensure that any major updates to those games do not compete with one another. The most important criteria on whether a company should focus upon a single mmo is the size of the company itself. Blizzard can afford to have multiple, high-quality games in production at the same time as they have thousands of employees. By contrast, Project Gorgon is being created by a husband-and-wife development team. The zombie mmo Survive the Nights is being developed by a team of five people. A company that has an overabundance of resources and people could devote a considerable amount of energy into multiple titles without worrying about a lack of quality. In comparison, a small company will have to focus their attention upon their lone game in order to maintain a good level of quality and to ensure that the current player base stays engaged with the game.

Overall, I don’t think an online game company focusing upon a single mmo is neither good or bad. What matters is the effort and care they put into supporting the game (or games) under their belt. Players can tell when developers are excited about the game that they’re working on, and the final product tends to show the quality put into it. A company like Hi-Rez Studios can afford to develop a game like Paladins because the great success of SMITE has allowed them to hire additional people to work on the new product. With that being said, the company should take great pains to ensure that their core game is not negatively impacted by working on multiple titles. CCP has spent several years trying to launch new games based upon their EVE Online setting to varying degrees of success. In the end, as long as a company has the resources to work on multiple mmo games without diluting the quality of any of them, then there’s no problem at all.

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Right now WildStar’s free-to-play update is deep into closed beta testing, with one of the hottest new features being the game’s upcoming cash shop. To get players to fiddle around with the store, Carbine is giving away free currency for the purposes of testing only.

According to an explanation on the forums, the patch will be tested in two phases. In the current phase, the studio is giving WildStar testers a bundle of store currency every week with the expectation that all currency and purchases will be wiped. In the second phase, players will only be able to obtain test currency by purchasing the real equivilent. So if a player buys 400 coins to use when F2P hits, he or she will get a matching 400 coins of test-only currency to use in the patch beta.

Carbine declined to reveal when the second phase of the closed beta is scheduled. To participate in the patch closed beta, you will need to be an active WildStar subscriber.


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